Thursday, March 1, 2012

JOYFUL spring!

Well, it is sale season.  Unfortunately with Robyn's adoption coming soon (we pray) and my UAB class to renew my teaching certificate, we cannot have spring shows.  So we will post and email our big sales.  Here is what we have for now!
1) our website.  Okay...GREAT sale through April!  30% off Birth Announcements or Baby Shower invitations.  simply type in joyful30 in the promo code at check out and you are there!  Also 2 for 1 notecards.  If you want 50, go to 50 but you are really paying the price for 25.  It reflects already. 

2) $35 dollar beach bags or laundry totes and $50 over night bags which are so cute!!! go to our facebook page to check them out.

3) buy any set of notecards for 28.95 and get a free personalized notepad.  buy one set of boxed notepads or boxed loose paper and get a refill FREE. order through us please. just email us!

We will update throughout spring and summer and we will have shows again for back to school in the fall!! thanks!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Think CHRISTMAS and SAVE!!!!!!!!!!

Okay...can you do it? Can you really think Christmas this early?? Well, if you have your favorite picture from the beach or any other favorite family pic ready, i suggest you get your christmas cards now! :) On our online store, the Christmas cards are 50% off for the month of august!!! This makes these cards cheaper than tiny prints, shutterfly, etc! And some of the cards are front and back for no extra charge!! If you don't have your picture ready, you can buy the card already set up where you would tape the picture on the front when you are ready. Just a thought! I'm doing mine now for sure! Go check them out! But you have to get your order in by August 31st. Check out our other sales as well. Type in "summer" to get an extra 10% off

Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to School Open House!!

We know it's about to get crazy, so we wanted to help you out! We are having a Back to School Show at Robyn's new house on Monday, August, 15th from 9-12 and 5-8.  We will have lots of backpacks (preschool size and normal size), lunch boxes (different sizes), water bottles, sippy cup labels, bag tags and more! And Don't forget our return address stamps are still on sale for $33 through labor day! They are normally $40. So if you have moved or need a great wedding gift, now is the time to get those stamps. 
Come by Monday so that it will all be in by labor day when Mother's Day Out and Preschool begins! We will also have Ginny Prier, a Premier Jewelry Rep, with us so that the Moms have a treat too! Here is Robyn's new address:
2316 Sand Cove Circle
Birmingham, Alabama 35216
For those familiar with Vestavia, it is in Tanglewood.  We hope to see you all there!!! Let us know if you want to place an order but cannot come! email us at and go to our website to let us know what you want.

Check out all the pictures in the July 24th post to see our cute new items!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back To School Time

Can you believe it's time to buy new backpacks, lunch boxes, and label everything you own?! Well we can be a one stop shop for lots of unique and fun items! We are planning our Back to School show and will feature the following, plus all of our regular fun stuff! Stay tuned for the date.


Lunch Boxes

Waterproof Labels (for big and little kids!)

Bag Tags and Backpack Tags

Clothing Labels (peel & stick and iron-on)

Friday, July 8, 2011

DOUBLE your order for free is back!

Do you love to write notes or love to give gifts (or just have to do both!!)? Then this sale is for you!  Stacy Claire Boyd, Little Lamb Design, and Kim Prints are all doubling their notecards (flat and folded) and all gift enclosure cards for free! This sale is good through July 25th!  Go to and check it out! We hope everyone is having a great summer!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Return Address Stamp Sale!!!!

Our biggest seller is finally on sale from now until labor day! Our address stamper is definitely the biggest seller as far as gifts go.  We sell lots of them as wedding presents, graduation gifts, house warming gifts, christmas gifts, etc.  And here is the best part about the new design:  they have replacement parts if you move or want to change designs so you don't have to order a whole new stamp.  It is 18 dollars for a new design for your stamp, so if you are thinking of moving you don't have to wait!  So if you are in need of a stamp or want to give one now is the time! They regularly sell for $40, but until labor day, they are selling for $30!!  So let us know if you'd like to order one! We will place orders twice a month from now until labor day.  If you would like to buy one it's easy! Go to our website and look on the bottom right hand corner for return address stamps.  From there you can look at all the different designs.  All you have to do is let us know which design and the address that goes on it. It's that simple! You can comment here for an order or email us your order to  Thanks and we hope everyone is having a great summer!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The New Website

Wow! Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! We've had such a great response to our new website and lots of new orders, so thanks friends!

If you haven't checked it out yet, check out!